The Benefit of Expanding to Digital Market

As the development of technology- digital era is growing recently, the trend of online shopping is also significantly increasing in Indonesia. One of the reason is the wider reach of internet across the corners of Indonesia. According to the APJII survey, 143.26 million people or 54.68% from the total population of 262 million people in 2017 used internet. Especially with the Palapa Ring project which made Indonesia Merdeka Internet from Sabang to Merauke.
Surely, this opportunity should be used by sellers in Indonesia to increase their sales. The more internet users, the greater the business opportunity through online.


This article will explain 4 reasons why online shop should be established
1. Cheap price
Creating an online store requires costs that relatively small when compared to opening an offline store such as renting a store in a mall, also cashiers and seller salaries. By the existence of online store, there is no need to rent a store at the mall or pay the salary for employees. Using the available technology in online store, customers can shop without any difficulties.
2. Customers are easily to make purchases
By creating an online store, it means that you have invested to increase your sales due to the chances of internet users looking for your product are getting higher. Using certain strategies, you can bring new customers so that those customers are interested and like shopping at your online store. Your customers will also be more easier to buy products because customers can browse in your online store to find the product they want without any coercion from sellers.
3. Open 24 Hours Non Stop!
As long as there is an internet connection, your customers can access your store website from anywhere and anytime without waiting for anyone to buy your product. Your online store is ready to serve customers 24 hours every day. Yeah, this is one of the major advantages of online stores compared to offline stores.
4. Variation of automation activities
If you have many customers at one time, what do you do? For example, 100 people want to buy your product in one time. Surely, you cannot possibly manage that those many orders, right? By creating an online store, you can directly manage the hundreds even thousands of orders in one time easily! What an advantage! Many features of online stores that automatically work without you need to do manuals, such as checking the shipping, managing invoices, managing stock, managing orders, analyzing sales, and much more. With these features of online stores, you do not need to waste your time and costs.

Ready to explore your opportunity with online stores? Be the one of successful entrepreneurs! Your time is starting now!

By: Gusti Harjomulyo Siswanto, President University-MBA Tech

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